Saudi Hollandi Bank is the first operating bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a wide network across the Kingdom (ATMs, branches, Business Banking Centres and Preferred Banking Centres).
This is a project for a full Communication Guidelines Manual for SHB which will help presenting the bank's communication, brand and corporate culture in a clear, consistent and recognizable style and will reinforce the brand's professional credibility. The purpose of this manual is to maintain the bank's unique logo, communication style, tone of voice and marketing messages as simple and straightforward as possible.
It will make the job a lot easier for anyone tasked with producing or overseeing any sort of communication or marketing material for the bank's customers, staff or shareholders.
The manual consisits of 60 pages in total, divided into 6 main categories:
1.0 Logo
2.0 Colors
3.0 Typography
4.0 Icons
5.0 Photography
6.0 Advertising (Communication Material)
Below is a selection of pages.
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