Nescafe Matinal launching campaign
Matinal, as a NESCAFE product, is a quality Brazilian pure coffee sold at an affordable price with a convenient stick format.
I did this campaign design as a part of the launching campaign for Nescafe Matinal Single Serve 1.8g SKU at a key price point (cheapest within Nescafe family) in Syria (rural areas) for 2.5 Syrian Pounds Only where low income people can not afford to buy other nescafe products.
Idea behind the design:
3 different people were chosen to be the hero element of each master visual: young lady, young man and another man representing three segments of syrian society (College Girl, College Guy and an Employee) with low income.
The Arabic lines on each of those three visuals express a twist of humor in communicating the message to the reader.
All three people are having Nescafe Matinal and enjoying it their own way!
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