Various Logo Designs, Logo Arabizations and Icons.
Treats Yogurt by Almarai
Treats logo was designed to meet the objective of the new product by reflecting a premium, neat and sophisticated look & feel, yet playful and indulging with a small tweak in the letter 'e' to reflect the swirls of the yogurt.

Mazah Restaurant
The logo idea was inspired by the "Olive Oil", which is mainly used for the Arabic/Lebanese Mazah (Appetizers).
I have designed the logo to look like randomly poured olive oil creating the Arabic word "Mazah" in an embossed style, non-symmetrical and rich to give a real olive oil effect.

Celeste Medical Supplies Inc.

Dunes 25th Anniversary Adaptation

Dunes Graphic Design celebrating their 25th anniversary. the logo contemporary,
remains true to Dunes corporate identity and elegantly celebrates the 25th year.

Tadros Dentistry

I have created the logo to meet with the client's objective that should reflect the big smile with healthy teeth.
The logo and the corporate identity were applied on stationery and collaterals.

Slogan created: We go the extra smile.

Maggi Abdi3i (Be Creative)

Abdi3i is a new Arabic tag line for Maggi, the arabic typeface inspired by the Maggi logo
shape and reflect modernity, feminine, good helper and creative.

Logo arabization reflect the same look and feel as the original english logo.
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