We were approached by one of our agency partners to work on activation solutions
for Lacnor Essentials Milk to drive consumer awareness and engagement.
Parking Branding
Escalator Branding

In-Mall Banners/Screens

In-Mall Leading Stickers​​​​​​​
Floor stickers leading to the activation stand

Activation Stand 6x6m​​​​​​​
The stand will represent a journey around Lacnor’s farms in New Zealand. An interactive and innovative journey where Lacnor Essentials Milk Genius will be guiding consumers and educate them about the process and benefits.
A walk around the stand through different stations which ends in the resting area in the middle with wooden benches and kids table.

Promoter Uniforms
Supermarket Entrance
Sampling Stand
Free Standing Unit
In-store Category Branding
​​​​​​​Cross Merchandising
Small stands with small digital screens to be placed in the aisles of cornflakes, oats, cakes, etc.
Bus Branding
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